Into an empty wishing well
It was the coldest day in hell
When the axe finally fell
I left you cold

Meet me at the west park bridge
Where the fucking rain don't fall
Everything you said was rich
I felt your arms

Lean into the hurricane wind
Chase a hat it had takin in
Even if it was my time to win
I always lose

If your seeking a fire that grows
And your needing what I suppose

Pictures where the colors fade
Covered in my darkest day
Things are always clear that way
I could make you choose

Shaking of my steady hands
Where lines are drawn in the sand
We'll find a safe place to land
I could take you home

2:Love Is Real
I know that love is real
Because I feel it
I know that love is blind
Because I've seen it

Oh when you walk away little girl
I just wanna be your little world
I know I can adore you

Till the morning comes
And the evening goes
Like a river she runs
And the river flows

I know that love is real
Because I've had it
I know that love is blind you best believe me


Candy goes to town
With fear inside
She's waiting on a ghost
Letters left unread
Can bleed to much
I'm praying she feels the most

Windows are frozen
Lying alone on the winters edge
Does that mean she's broken

Candy goes to the towns
With doubt inside
She's waiting on a ghost
If she finds what she is after she will pray I feel the most

4:Marry the season

Birch trees in a graveyard
Leaves in a pile
Marry the season a whole
Tombstones on a hillside
Flags all in the breeze
Silence covering me

What do you know about death
Everything says it's the end
Of you
Sharp as a razor blade
A one woman Calvary
You tight as a tourniquet
Bury them roses

Flowers on a mantle
Tears on her dress
This whole damn apartments a mess
Prayers from a stranger
Hymns in the air
Believe in my cold engine stare

Church bells will echo
Weeks turn to years
Her makeup won't cover that fear

5:Your turn

And if you're waiting on the thunder
You might be counting for life
This twisted spell that I'm under
Got me fighting for life

Now I'm never gunna watch you burn
Even though it was the summer that wore me out
Only time your laying down is when it's your turn

But I keep loving you and I try but I cry and I try

Seems like I'm taking the long way
And now of nothing I'm sure
I'd try anything if you would stay
But I can't take anymore

6:When she comes

It burns burns burns
Her name is on the card
There's children on the way
It's like the ides of march

The feeling goes away
But it written on her face
A twenty nearly saves
But she can change your fate

Sweat untill I learn
The lines upon the sand
She could raise a flood
With the wave of her old hands
It started in the street
When she called down to me
I'll tell you everything
So come on up and come on in

It's what I'm living in
Just the moment when...
When she comes

This town lights up for me
With every step I go
Nothing here is free and everybody knows
She'll tell you what she sees
Even though it never pleases
Sparks are on her mind
Set fire to the sea


She's stripping and saving up for school
She's blonde but she's nobody's fool
I can still smell her there on the bed
Everytime she blew my head
Yeah I was her alibi

Come a time when stripping wasn't enough
Now it time to get rough and tough
I can still smell the smoke from the gun
She's out on the town looking for fun

There's blood on the roof
Money in the bag
She's telling the truth
I was her alibi

8:Leave but stay

One foot in the grave
My eyes on the prize
Two steps ahead of the game
When you walk inside
Turn out the lights
Telling me that you made up your mind

3 sheets to the wind
Eyes on the sky
Minutes alone in your eye
Walk inside
Turn out the lights
Telling me that you made up your mind

Leave but stay with me
Through the long nights
In this Cold War
With a still heart
That beats like a drum

9:Never was

Can I go without
Or will I climb the ceiling
Words spill from your mouth
But I won't disguise my feelings

Carving out the sound
Flirting with the danger
It's what you're all about
Dancing with the stranger

Can you fall through the never was
Pretending takes it's toll
When you act like it never was
The answers always no

The light of seven suns
Illuminates your features
Letting go of fun
You'll find you're the creature

10:Do me wrong

I feel the fire burning through me
You're acting like you never knew me
Got roses underneath your bed sheets
Rain out your fairgrounds so completely

You will see I can change
Nothing here will ever be the same

These hounds at night are calling to her
Buys me a drink and calls me mister
I spill it once but won't say I'm sorry
Won't be the last a woman buys me

Do me wrong and I still say goodnight
Do me wrong I never put up a fight
You do me wrong

Replay those moments like a movie
With looks that kill you say I'm crazy